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The most innovative kitchen island design ideas

A standalone kitchen island in your kitchen could be an innovative opportunity to add extra storage and accommodate extra seating in the layout of the kitchen. Whether you are looking for a classical or traditional kitchen design, or modern and practical workspace, there is an innovative kitchen island design for every option that you choose.

Experimenting with White, Black and Gray for a basic Shaded Kitchen Island Design

Good designers work effectively with white, black and gray to offset some parts of the kitchen layout against others and achieve a shaded look along with a standalone kitchen island. Designers often play with light direction and brightness, to achieve the just out of the painting look. Every aspect of the kitchen design and layout can be dressed in these basic colors and their infinite shades are blended into a few contrasting profiles if need be.

Dressing up the Kitchen Island Design Using Up cycled Material and Antique Pieces

Being eco-friendly is the need of the day and most homeowners realize this. Towards this end, using up-cycled and recycled material is inevitable to the perfect workable kitchen island design. From boxes for vegetables and fruits, to holders for kitchen paraphernalia and antique hooks for kitchen pots and pans, dressing up the kitchen island using this theme can produce a highly functional workspace and introduce some extra space for important tasks. Up-cycling can be done using a range of material, the popular being wood. Industrial material is also a popular choice and fabric can be used in a number of ways to enhance the look and feel and create cozy spaces around the kitchen island design.


Decorating the Kitchen Island Design Using Stools

Arranging stools around the kitchen island design can add the most pronounced aspects to overall kitchen design. Care must be taken by designers and homeowners to make sure that they do not overwhelm the overall kitchen design. A range of stool designs and arrangements can be chosen including the colorful cottage like look, the outdoor woody stool design most suited for outdoor kitchens and high tools for the sleek look in steel props for an iconic seating arrangement.

Whatever the choice of the kitchen island design, homeowners can comfortably accommodate the centerpiece along with the d├ęcor that enhances it so that they can fulfill both aesthetic as well as practical purposes of kitchen island design.

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