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The central point of a kitchen island – the table

A kitchen island table is one of the most important features this set-up has. It is the place where you can gather for meals, and it is also the point where meals are prepared. The table may also consist of a storing point for ingredients, pots and others.

The most important thing is for the table to integrate into the kitchen design since there are so many styles available. When choosing something that you like always be sure to consider the dimensions, style and color. You can match the color with the rest of the kitchen, or choose another color to make the table stand out.

Shape and color

Kitchen islands vary in shapes, though the most common one is the rectangular shape because the area also serves as an eating place and also a place for the bar. The table shape will mimic the shape of the island. However the shape may be adapted to fit your needs, you can also use square or round shapes if this design fits into the kitchen well.

The color is another important factor and you can choose from practically unlimited options. You can make the style match the rest of the house’s design and color or you can give it a twist and go for something more unconventional. Always look for some way to complement the designs and colors.



Because the island is a multipurpose area the height of it usually matches the other counters and you have to watch out for the way the table fits and breaks the kitchen space into more parts. You may find yourself with not so much room to spare, if this is the case opt for an island with a fold down leaf table, this can remain hidden when not in use.


All included

The most important thing to consider when choosing a kitchen island table is the practical factor. Think about what you want to do with it and picture yourself moving around the kitchen with a couple of island tables there. Go for a round or square table, choose a table that can remain hidden when not used. Also keep in mind it has to provide storage area for the most part as if does not it’s a waste of space. Finally think long and hard about the sink, do you want it on the counter or should it stay on the island table.

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