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Sit around the kitchen table, a comfortable and practical way to use the kitchen island

A kitchen island can transform as seating is added. The space will become a friendlier one and will unlock a hidden potential. Having seating in the kitchen island will provide a more practical way for the use of space. If you want to eat there, you can do it, if you want to rest while making dinner, go ahead. Seating can come in many shapes and sizes, let’s look at some ideas that fit into different designs.

How many seats?

This depends on the size of the kitchen as well as the size of the island. While you can fit up to eight chairs in the kitchen, that is not the case when talking about all kitchens. If what you are looking for is a smaller more cozy design you can opt for two seats, go with a pair of bar stools. Going with more seats must be incorporated into the kitchen design as this will affect the way you or other people may move around the island.
If you want to get practical you can store them in another room or if the design allows you can fold them and use the free space.

Design options

You can opt for a classical way to set up the kitchen island or you can have an island that offers more features. The classical way of the kitchen island is the one where you get to sit around the island. Some kitchens also come with an extendable feature that can transform them into a bar, a table or a desk. This will also affect the number of chairs and the way you can line them up. However this kitchens provide a practical and eye catching solution as you can play with the design to better suit your needs.


Seats are the most important part when talking about the kitchen island that has seating options. Think of the color, the materials, the height of the chairs you are looking for, do this by assessing the whole kitchen design. You can go with backless stools made from wood, metal or even plastic. Other options include a more classical approach as you will find models that are similar to dining chairs, these chairs have backs and will include a covered seat.
Look for practical materials that are stain and spill resistant.

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