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Use your kitchen to its full potential storage ideas for kitchens

The kitchen can be a wild place when things start to heat up. You’re always looking for something and usually it’s not in the first place you look, this means you lose time. Time is important and so is space, let’s look at some ideas that could save us both time and space. These are meant to place everything in order so you will find everything you need, when you need it.

The pull out pantry

This type of pantry will prove to be an intelligent way to store dry goods. It integrates into the whole design of the kitchen also providing storage space that can be used to hide the things you need. Pull out pantry will offer quick access to the ingredients you want and need and will always come in handy when dealing with small spaces that don’t offer very much room when choosing other types of storage.

Container is the way to go

When you have room to place containers do it. All space can be used to store the things you need using containers. Look for the containers you like, the ones that also fit in terms of design and color. The rest is easy as you can adapt the storage idea to your liking. You can use containers for just about everything, they are a cheap and smart solution that takes care of big problems.

Tilted space

This type of storage can be applied to all the fake drawers that come with furniture. An example would be the face drawers under your sink. Not only fake drawers can be used like this. If you have room for a drawer but the opening would imply using too much space, use a tilted one that will save you the space and will also come in handy when reaching for things you need. Hide all you need in there and keep them close.

Hide the coffee & others

Many use a coffee pot or a blender, while it’s a great idea to have those as you can start your day feeling fresh, they can also take up space. That space can be used for something else, doing this is easy as you can “store” the blender or coffee under a flip down door. The appliances will be out of sight and the kitchen will be cleaned up in no time.


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