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Explore kitchen paint color ideas for your cabinets

Your kitchen should reflect your lifestyle. It tells a lot about you when it comes to your kitchen and how you make use of the space. You enhance the personality of the kitchen cabinets with the help of kitchen paint color ideas. There are lots of ideas to choose from and you will be surprised by the results. However, whenever you go for a new color for your kitchen cabinets, you need to make sure that the new color complements the existing design and décor. It should coordinate with the wall color. Especially if you have renovated the cabins then you need new colors to complement the overall design.

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Choose colors based on the theme

When it comes to kitchen paint color ideas, the theme of the kitchen is very important. If you want the kitchen to look like a cozy and natural looking space, then it is important to go for warm color blend. If you are looking for a serene vibe, I would suggest you to go for cool colors. If you want to energize the place, then you should go for contrasting colors. If you want to learn more about this, then I would suggest you to check out the ‘Guide to planning kitchens and bathrooms’, by The Independent Living Centre in New South Wales. It has all the practical ideas and designs for the proper coloring.

White Cabinets and Earth Tone Walls

When it comes to kitchen paint color ideas for white cabinets, you can go for any color as all of them will complement the white cabinet. When it comes to earth tone walls, you can go for a number of themes including country, modern, rustic, cottage, Spanish and Mediterranean. I would suggest you to go for tan walls, yellow-gold or soft-gray to make the cabinet stand out.

White Walls with Colorful Cabinets

When it comes to kitchen paint color ideas for white walls and colorful cabinets, there are plenty to choose from. Green, red, light gray-blue, canary yellow or pale green cabinets will contrast nicely with your white walls. It will give a retro feeling to your design.

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