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Types of kitchen shelves

Storage space is important is any kitchen. And shelves play a large part in this. The use of cabinets in any kitchen is quite practical for things that are used occasionally in the day, but shelves are best used for things that are need commonly. This may include sugar, salt, tea, flour and even plates. Even those objects that are not frequently used can be stored on a shelf, especially at a higher level.

Kitchen shelves are actually quite space consuming and are best used in rooms that have enough space for them. But they brighten up the entire kitchen and quite worth the area they occupy.

Flat wall shelves

These are the most common types of shelves seen most kitchens. They are basically a flat piece of wood (or other building material) that is bolted on the wall. Such shelves can be used to store anything for dishes to jars to kitchen appliances, depending upon their dimensions and strength.

Such shelves many a times have hooks installed on them as well and can be used to hang pots, pans, cups, etc.


Wall shelves with drawers

Such shelves are very convenient for small kitchen spaces. They serve a dual purpose where the top of the drawer is expanded in the form of a shelf. This can be done with cabinets as well and is very clever use of space. As most drawers and cabinets are pretty wide, a lot of articles can be stored on such shelves.

Plate shelves

These are shelves made to store plates exclusively. They may have slots where individual plates may be kept or they can have single supporting rod behind which multiple plates are kept. Such shelves are usually attached to the wall and often have hooks which are used to hang pots and pans.

Open cabinet type shelves

Such shelves are usually made in such a way that they are stacked one on top of another. They are closed from all sides except the front and they can serve as spaces for decorative pieces as well as kitchen accessories.

They are very convenient and can be used for small as well as large kitchens. They are usually hung on the walls.

Movable shelves

Such types of shelves are stacked one on top of the other and may or may not have sides. The convenience of these shelves is that they can be shifted anywhere in the kitchen as and how necessary. They can also be made with wheels to make the moving easier, but then they won’t be able to hold heavy objects.

Kitchen shelves are not just storage spaces, they can be considered a part of the kitchen décor.

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