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How to choose the best material for kitchen tile flooring

The kitchen floor has to be built of tiles that are durable, can withstand considerable foot traffic and should be easy to clean. The tile surfaces need to be such that they do not allow slippage to occur. Also, a tile surface that is resistant to staining is required in a kitchen floor. These are the different requirements for kitchen tile flooring. The builder for your home or apartment will have some suggestions which you can consider, but the above factors need to be kept in mind as well as the cost of the same.

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Common Materials Suggested

Those who are into building of homes will suggest that one uses hardwood, linoleum or laminate tiles for the kitchen tile flooring. The floor look needs to be decided upon and accordingly, one can decide on the tiles to be used. Today, any kind of look is easy to achieve as the tiles of different materials are designed in different colors, textures, finishes and patterns to match or contrast with any existing home d├ęcor.

Tiles For Floors Are Different


When you are considering the kitchen tile flooring, you need to keep in mind that the tiles you use for the floors need to be different from the tiles used on the walls. As the kitchen floor usually sees a bevy of activities, the tiles used on the floors need to be durable, can bear differing weight, frequent traffic and can be easily cleaned and walked upon without the fear of slipping. For these reasons, marble or limestone is nowadays sparingly used on kitchen floors as these stain easily and can be slippery.

Choices In The Market

When it comes to kitchen tile flooring, there are several choices in the market these days. From ceramic, stone to porcelain, there is different tile material to consider. Even through ceramic tiles are inexpensive, these are easily chipped, and hence, are avoided by builders these days. Stone tiles nowadays are preferred by most builders as these are durable and come with refinished textures, designs and finishes to guard against damage and to seal out moisture.

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