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The most popular kitchen unit door styles for a functional kitchen

Every piece of kitchen design is equally important for the homeowner. However, the kitchen unit doors are especially important due to the space they take up and influence the design. Choice of kitchen unit doors must be in perfect unison with the design theme of your kitchen.

Most home owners would go for the Shaker kitchen design and use the five piece flat panel to accommodate all the cabinetry with these kitchen unit doors. The shaker style is a high function and utility kitchen design and kitchen unit doors built from this layout go with traditional as well as modern kitchen settings.

Sometimes wooden slats, similar to those used on windows can create a great look for the kitchen as well. This type of design for the kitchen unit doors adds architectural appeal. However, it might prove to be expensive and might need more maintenance than other kitchen unit doors.


Owing to changes in design trends, home owners are going for the rugged, sabotaged look for their kitchen unit doors. This is done to create an antique look for designs that are born out of ideas that feature old age appeal. However, antique looking rugged or distressed kitchen unit doors might come at a higher price and sometimes require greater care during installation and maintenance. Completing the overall design that used distressed kitchen unit doors could be challenging and time consuming for the designer as well due to the limited choices available when matching up different components. Hence achieving harmony in the overall design might be a task that cannot be overlooked when using this type of kitchen unit doors.

Finally, cottage style kitchen unit doors have been the universal favorite choice for a long time. They give the kitchen a clean and well designed look while costing minimal during installation and maintenance.


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