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Types of kitchen worktops

Choosing the material of the kitchen worktop is a crucial decision. Each type of material has its advantages and disadvantages and not every material can be used in all spaces in the kitchen. As a result, one should be very cautious before selecting a worktop.
Budgetary constraints also need to be taken into consideration when selecting a worktop. It follows that not all materials are priced the same and the difference in prices between some of them can be quite a lot. And functionality is also another important factor that has to be considered before settling upon a material. If it is inconvenient to use, it will not matter how good it looks in the beginning.

A wooden worktop is best used on an island or a dining surface of the kitchen. It looks elegant and works with all types of kitchen designs. But when using wood, one must be careful not to keep hot objects on it or leave spilled liquids on it for long. This would stain it. Thus, such worktops should not be used for chopping or prepping food. And one should also be careful about knife marks for such worktops. 

Kitchen Worktop - 2Stainless steel
Such worktops can be installed around the kitchen sink and other food prepping areas of the kitchen. It pairs well with modern designs and gives the room a professional feel. Such a surface is resistant to all kinds of stains and is cleaned very easily. It is prone to getting scratched, but this does not matter much after it has taken its fair share of scratches. Such a worktop is the easiest of all to maintain.

This is probably one of the most popular materials for kitchen tops. It is classic and timeless and can be used in almost all places of the kitchen. It is very easy to clean granite and it rarely takes any form of stains. Moreover, it is not expensive, and hence can be used quite liberally.
Granite is glossy and is available in many colors and shapes.

Glass is best used around the sink and around the dining areas of the kitchen. It is resistant to stains and water damage and gives an ultra-modern look to the kitchen. However, it does not need to be mentioned that glass can crack or shatter with any heavy object. It gets scratched often too. But modern kitchen worktop glass sheets are made stronger and much more durable than ordinary glass, but it cannot be so strong as wood or granite.

Apart from the above mentioned materials, you can also choose from bamboo, minerva, quartz, corian and laminate for a kitchen worktop.

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