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Best modern kitchen ideas

Contemporary and modern kitchens are the dream for any house. They are style and convenience all built in one attractive package. More and more people are opting for modular kitchens over country or traditional kitchen; not because country kitchens are devoid of modern appliances, but because contemporary kitchens pair well with most interior designs, modern or otherwise.

And the kitchen is not just the place for cooking food. It is an integral part of the house which is used to entertain guest, have meals in and also have recreational and family activities. Hence, a modern kitchen should have enough space and utilities for the same.

Using the kitchen island efficiently

The kitchen island is one of the most versatile additions in a kitchen. It can be used in many creative and innovative ways. An additional sink and water tap can be connected to it and it can be used as an additional preparation counter.

If you do not have such an arrangement, the island can work as a dining table, in addition to being used as prep area. The space underneath the counter top of the island should be utilized as well. It can be used as an extra storage space for appliances or if you want to go all out, it can be converted to a cool storage as well.

The things that can be done with a kitchen island are just endless.


The décor

The décor for any modern kitchen should be minimalist. It should look clean and fresh. Everything kept inside it should serve a specific purpose. Such a sleek and chic look for a kitchen says contemporary all the way. This does not mean the décor has to be unoriginal and boring. There are lot of simple yet artistic vases, plates and other decorative items available in the market for modern kitchens.

The design


A modern kitchen should have all basic modern amenities. But make not to add things to the kitchen just because it is says ‘hi-tech’ on the box. Every appliance installed in a kitchen should have a purpose; if you feel you won’t use it, don’t buy it. The counter and cabinets may be of any material, but they should be elegant and without too much ornamentation. Stainless steel works best.

The color

Although there are fixed color schemes for modern kitchens, bright hues work best. Black and white, blue and white, purple and white, grey, blue and silver are some of the shades that work best.

The lighting

It is best to have overhanging lights or modern lamps for a modern kitchen. Bright lights, especially white light, seems perfect for a modern kitchen.

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