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Give a new look to kitchen cabinet by painting.

Are you planning to change your kitchen cabinets due to its shabby and old look? This is a common behavior of people on finding their kitchen cabinets worn out. But what if your same existing old kitchen cabinets look new? The solution to it is to get your kitchen cabinets painted instead of purchasing new one, because along with giving a new and elegant look, it also cuts down your high expense on buying new kitchen cabinets.

Type of paint:
You can find numbers of options in paints like latex paint, oil paint, chalk paint acrylic and many more. Each has different characteristics and features. So, you need to select such paint, which gives beautiful finishing, newness and durable. If you want antique looking kitchen, then chalk paint is best. It doesn’t require priming and sanding before painting, but it requires wax. It adheres to every material, but its cost is high than latex and oil paint. Thus, if budget is constraint and antique look is not a choice, then you can go for latex or oil paint. Latex is water based paint, which has mild smell and more eco friendly than oil paint. While oil paint has strong aroma, but it dries fast and make hard shell after drying, thus it is more durable than latex. Also oil paint gives your kitchen cabinet glossy and smooth finishing than latex.

Color selection:

This is the most important factor in painting kitchen cabinets, because this can only decide whether your kitchen cabinet and other décor of kitchen complement with each other. Lighter shades of colors like white, grey, cream, light brown, etc keeps your kitchen bright for whole day. Dark colors kitchen cabinets like red, blue, black, etc goes well with light color kitchen walls. Kitchen cabinets can also be painted in contrasting colors like black and white colors.


Your decision of going for paint instead of purchasing new one brings number of advantages. First thing is that you can save your money, because painting can definitely cost you much lesser than new one. Moreover, you have wide options in selecting type of paint and colors. You can go for any color that matches with your kitchen décor, no need to select from vendor’s limited options in color and quality. Also, if you still want to save your money, then instead of hiring any professional for painting, you can easily do it yourself.

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