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Kitchen knobs

Kitchen knobs have such as classic feel to them. They make the décor inside the come alive give it a sort of vintage and elegant look. Knobs may seem like a trivial trinket in the whole scheme of things, but the right types of knobs can transform the kitchen from a drab and run-of-the-mill room to a stylish place that accentuates the entire house. And with so many varieties available in the market, it can be really difficult to choose a type of knob. But the important point is, you should like and it should serve your needs.

 Stainless steel knobs
Such knobs are quite hardy and resilient. They work well in kitchens that have a lot of metallic, wooden or white marble fittings. They look very classic and provide a no-nonsense look to the kitchen. They look quite bright in medium to heavy lighting and add a nice flair to the kitchen.

Ceramic knobs
Such knobs have a Victorian feel to it. They work best with wooden cabinets and drawers, but can be paired with stainless steel as well as ceramic fittings. If vintage is the look that you are going for, ceramic knobs might be your best option. They come in such a variety of colors and shapes that you are bound to find something that suits your needs.

Glass knobs
The knobs have an aristocratic feel to them. Normally, they would not be installed in a kitchen in any great house of the days gone by, but they can work wonders for a kitchen if placed well. Glass knobs would be ideal for drawers, but they may also be installed on cabinets. And white glass suits all types of materials well. And the best part about glass knobs is that come in all sizes, shapes and cuts possible. You can give your house an English upper class look with such fittings.

It cannot be denied that pulls are more practical than knobs. And they look very well in all types of surroundings. You can selected many materials and types with pulls; metallic ones are best for drawers and pewter may work best for cabinets. Even polished wooden knobs enhance a kitchen very well.

Mix and match
It is very easy to use different shapes, materials and types of knobs and pulls for the same kitchen. You can use one type for the island, another kind for drawers and something completely different for cabinets. Such arrangements can liven up any kitchen, large or small.

There are no fixed rules for kitchen knobs. Select what feels right and it should be perfect!

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