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Reasons why you should choose sheraton kitchens

Sheraton kitchens are supplied with all doors, accessories, and drawers pre-fitted. They come in either traditional or modern styles. Other styles are the shaker styles. Sheraton is among the leading rigid-fitted kitchen manufacturers in the United Kingdom. Every Sheraton kitchen is made to save your money and time when ordered for installation. There is over seventy kitchen designs and styles that you can opt to choose from. Giving you a wide array of varieties to consider depending with your tastes and preference. The value offered for these kitchens is affordable and you can consider visiting Sleaford or Brigg showrooms. There you will get a chance of discussing further requirements.

Rigid Assembly

The Sheraton kitchens cabinets are supplied rigid. Dowel construction and traditional glue are used to ensure that there aren’t any visible redundant drill holes. All the accessories, drawers, and doors are pre-fitted, thus saving on your money and time when it comes to installation. The doors are also pre-drilled for your handle suite of choice. This implies that rigidity is the main quality of any Sheraton kitchen. All the whilst walls units are supplied with eight millimeter solid back panels whereas the base units come with fifteen millimeter back in all units. This provides reliability, durability, and quality.

Color Co-Ordinated Cabinets


The Sheraton kitchens are also available with color coordinated cabinets that are matching. This for both the exterior and interior of the kitchen. The cabinets are edged all-round with PVC edging that is very durable. The total available colors are eleven, including gloss. This will ensure that the majority of colors that are available will easily match with the cabinets. Consider selecting your favorite cabinet from the 11 that are available, something that will allow you to contrast or color coordinate your fascia style. Also available is a full range of pilasters, panels, and plinths.

A Wide Range Of Units Are Available

Apart from being available in a wide array of styles, Sheraton kitchens are also available in a wide range of units. Actually, the units of Sheraton range are among those that are most comprehensive in the United Kingdom. This ensures that any kitchen size and layouts are catered for. The wide range of units with over 80 suites results and over 70 doors styles results in thousands of unit configuration.

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