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Remodeling your bathrooms

How dose your bathroom look? Can you stay hours in your shower without the feeling of being stuffed out by limited air circulating in the little spaced and old bathroom? Well the solution to this is to think of remodeling your bathroom. Your bathroom should be the best and most convent part of your home. Remodeling your bathroom for your old house or new one is a necessary need because as you grow older, your needs increase either for your growing kids or your ageing parent. The researched carried out by centers for Disease control and prevention state that injuries that occur in the bathroom are more frequent in older population. So either for yourself or you are thinking of moving your aged parent or in-law to safety, you can choose from several bathroom remodeling steps available to create more spacious bathroom suitable for older people. In this article, I will be discussing how you can remodel your bathroom yourself or by calling a plumber or contractor, remodeling your bathroom on a budget or in an inexpensive method. I will also discuss how you can remodel your small bathroom to meet modern day bathroom and suitable for older people. Hopefully when you finish reading this article, you will stop procrastinating and make up your mind about renovating that old and stuff bathroom, Let roll.

How to Remodel Your Bathroom (DIY)

Use grab bars:

using grab bars helps older people to be stable in the shower and gives them something to hold on to when about to slip in the shower.

Change the lightings:
As one grows older in age, so dose the sensitivity of some organ reduce and the eye is not an exception. So you will have to fix bright light in the shower to assist the eye see better.

Use a nonslip mat in the shower:

Now this is very important because it is not limited to older people alone, even your teenage children could slip in the shower, you have to take a safty measure and use a non slip mat.


You really want to remodel your bathroom but the price quote you keep seeing on remodeling magazines makes your heart skip, well not worry I will be sharing just one secret to get your bathroom remodeled in an affordable and cheep way.

Buy used items:
you can reduce the cost of remodeling your bathroom when you buy used fixtures for your bathroom. Just be sure of the changes you want to make the size, height and source for them online.


Create time daily to clean your bathroom, remove all cluster and organize the cabinet. Constantly check for linkage to avoid the ply from going bad, you can employ a plumber for extra service.

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