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Learn how to tile a bathroom the proper way.

A bathroom is incomplete without good tiling, it gives the bathroom’s beauty a new dimension. Hiring professionals to do the job can be a pain and it is not pocket friendly at all, however doing it yourself is very easy and saves you a lot of money as well! With little efforts and some planning you can get a perfectly tiled bathroom floor.

Choose the right stuff.

Pick a set of tiles that the suits your bathroom and is durable, this is a really important step as this will decide the overall aesthetic look the bathroom.

Buy the mortar and the grout, this is the stuff that sticks the tiles to the ground.

Get the necessary tools to get the job done

Putting in the groundwork.

Make sure that the surface you are going to place the tiles on is clean and free of any debris.

Use the instructions on the packaging of the mortar and mix it with the appropriate amount of water and make sure that it is thick in consistency.

Using a notched trowel, spread an even and thin layer of mortar and be quick.

Now you foundation is ready! Just for a day so that it all settles in firmly before you lay your tiles.

Laying down the tiles.

Lay out a row or column of tiles along the chalk reference lines, do this in such a way that the most of the cuts go on least noticeable side of the bathroom.

Plan it in such a way that you start laying the tiles at the far end of the room and work your way towards the entry way of the bathroom, this ensures that you will not step on the freshly placed tiles and ruin it.

Cut the tiles according to your need such that it covers all the area.

Allow the tiles to settle in for a day.

Place the grouting on the tiles.

Mix in the grout according to the manufacturer’s directions and pull out the tile spacers.

Firmly press in the grout in all the corners and crevices using a trowel and remove the excess.

Wait for a couple of days to allow everything to cure and then you are ready to go!


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