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Under-mount sinks for the bathroom

The most popular choice in bathroom décor these days are the under-mount sinks. Antithetical to the vessel sinks, the under-mount sinks sit flesh with the vanity tops or the counter tops. Under-mount sinks don’t have any lip. And hence, they are strikingly cleaner and easier to maintain. The surface of the vanity or the countertop can easily be cleaned. There is no need of scrubbing the edges of the sink. Under-mount sinks are available in many styles, sizes and depths. They also include the trough sinks.

Trough sinks

A trough sink is a stretched under-mount sink that many people can use together in the morning. Glass, ceramic and porcelain are generally the materials of which bathroom sinks, including the under-mount sinks are made. Under-mount sinks come in various styles to go with all types of décor-from contemporary to traditional.

Ceramic under-mount sinks

When most people contemplate their bathroom, they generally think of an under-mount ceramic sink or a drop-in sink. The ceramic under-mount sink have the trademark look of a bathroom with a simple oval or a rectangular design, and also as a cream or a white finish. These sinks just look great in combination with all types of the counter tops be it natural stone or wood.


Metal sinks

Metal sinks are generally considered as the kitchen sinks, but they also look good in the modern bathrooms. Copper hand-made sinks have an affluent brownish golden color that can create a different look in your bathroom. You can pair the deep copper sink color with the dark accessories and furniture of bathroom for a modern and elegant aesthetic.

Glass sinks

For a gorgeous centerpiece for your bathroom, glass sinks is the perfect thing. Under-mount sinks in glass come in different colors that make them easy to customize for all types of bathrooms. Textured glass or colorful glass sinks can also make your counter tops of the vanity look like crystal basin.

Natural Stone under-mount sinks

If you are a lover of the natural world’s beauty, then you should totally buy from the broad collection of natural stone under-mount sinks.


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