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The joys of a stainless steel kitchen

It might seem like alien to have a kitchen that has stainless steel fitting. After all, wood is classic and timeless. It gives the kitchen, or any other room in the house for that matter, a refined look and makes it seem regal and majestic. One can have wood painted in color that one desires; this is not the case with stainless steel. And finally, stainless steel can scratch and dent easily, even if it is durable. And not to mention the cold feeling that a room gets with a monotone of metal.

All of these are valid doubts, but not all of them are justifiably correct. If you are absolutely set against stainless steel for the kitchen, then there is nothing that can be done. But if you just look at some of the benefits of using the alloy, you may just change your mind!


Are scratches and dents really a problem?

Not quite, if you view things objectively. The scratches actually make the counter or cabinets look more organic, which is the exact opposite of the ‘cold’ and ‘distant’ feel that some people associate with stainless steel. You can have a look at similar counters in department stores, which have been used for long periods of time; they have a natural and fluid aura about them.

And as for the dents, if you are careful, they can be completely avoided. And a few dents here and there do not matter anyways.


Stainless steel is tremendously durable. It is almost as good as having a life time guarantee on your kitchen fittings. The alloy does not rust and does not retain any stains. You do not have to worry about the material chipping away, like wood. Nor do you have to worry about water damage, paint and other maintenance measures.

Easy to clean

A stainless steel counter is much more easily cleaned than other materials. It does occasionally show water marks or fingerprints, but with frequent wiping, they are not a bother at all. Most of the cleaning agents found in the house can be easily used on such counters and tops without any damage to the material. It does make cleaning much less tedious.

The question of style

One of the biggest arguments against stainless steel is the fact that it seems boring and unoriginal. But with the types of designs and models available today, this is not a drawback with stainless steel at all. One perusal through these designs and even the most orthodox might change their views.


Stainless steel kitchens are gradually gaining universal popularity. They seem to be the ‘in’ thing today.

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