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Bring the warmth of the italian countryside into your home with tuscan kitchen decor ideas

Many people now prefer the Tuscan’s countryside “sunny cottage kitchen” as the ideal kitchens for their households. In case you have been longing for this type of kitchen, that will incorporate a cozy-cottage feel in your kitchen, then be sure you can easily do-it-yourself. Tuscan kitchen décor are not that hot decorating trends due to the fact that they celebrate the life’s simple things like family, friends, and food. The Tuscan kitchen is not fussy, but well-functioning and making decorations in this theme is just as simple as few touches and paints.

Unique Walls, Giving An Old-World Look

If you are looking for ways through which you can decorate your kitchen with an old-world look, then, the Tuscan kitchen décor should be your consideration. The Tuscan kitchen’s walls are very unique, as they are painted with a faux painting technique. You start by painting the walls with a brighter color base like butter yellow or butterscotch. Then you will proceed by sponging on a deeper shade such that to make them look like they have faded in some spots. There are plenty of internet sites and books that will give you an iterative method on how you will apply this type of paint. By “pouncing” this mixture on the wall you will have created a rustic roughness and colored features of an authentic countryside kitchen.

Painting The Cabinet Doors

After painting the walls, the next places to apply the painting is the kitchen cabinets. You should consider using contrasting colors that are strong, so as to give your kitchen a Tuscan kitchen décor. For the cupboard doors, you can consider using bright forest green and deep reds, which are very popular for the doors. For the handles and pulls consider adding the finishing touch of a Tuscan drawer fronts and cabinet doors. Ceramic and metal knobs will both look great when heavily burnished.

Focus On The Other Pieces

After painting the walls and cabinet doors, then the next step is to focus on the other pieces. Any type of Tuscan country kitchen will harken the thoughts of friends and family. You can consider incorporating simple chairs and a large table to improve the Tuscan kitchen décor. This is a sure way of welcoming your friends and family to spend some quality time in the kitchen. With bright colored seat cushions, the chairs will look even more inviting. Other things to consider incorporating a wooden bowl that is full of nuts and fruits.


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