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Interesting facts about vintage kitchen!

It would be really interesting to learn more about vintage kitchen, isn’t it? It, indeed is. We are all curious to know more about them. Let’s take a look at the kitchens from the 1930s, which is considered to be the steam-lined depression era. You will stumble into plenty of interesting information below. Let’s take a tour below.

A New Decade

Speaking of vintage kitchen, the 1930s marked the end of old fashioned kitchens as it witnessed the birth of “streamlined modern kitchen”. These modern kitchens had time saving features, improved ventilation and better organization. It was the all-electric kitchen which got featured on the popular magazines with numerous advertisements. Those advertisements featured many major and small appliances. Mixers took the center stage in the ads as they became hugely popular and people couldn’t stop talking about them. They used depression green as the color for the handles of kitchen utensils. It was a clear departure from the white and black look of the previous decades.

The Surge Of Color Combinations

As stated before, vintage kitchen appliances went through a huge transformation and it especially reflected in the colors used. Besides the depression green, there were other popular colors in the running. The combination of Gray, Red, Silver, Crimson, Pearl Pink, Blue and Green represented the revolution. Kitchen wares like Bread boxes and canisters had a soft painting with simple decal.

National Modernization Bureau

When we speak about vintage kitchen, we must mention the name of the National Modernization Bureau. It was established in 1935. It was established to promote modernization throughout the country. As a result, manufacturers had to compete for better designed kitchen accessories and appliances. The revolution of colors happened during the same period as articles started appearing educating the right use of colors in the kitchen. Or in other words, kitchens were no longer just a workplace. 1930s changed the way people looked at kitchens. People realized that kitchens deserve equal attention compared to the rest of the areas in the house. Both small and large appliances were available in color. As stated before, the 1930s revolutionized the way people looked at kitchens. Before the 1930s, people didn’t give much importance to the kitchens.

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