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Howden kitchens – are they worth the hype?

Howden kitchens are getting increasingly popular these days. They come in different styles. You will find them in modern and traditional styles. It is a trade-only business. So they sell kitchens directly to tradespeople. So if you are looking for a Howden joinery kitchen, you will have to find an installer yourself. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t see the various models. That is possible since they have a website. Also, you can get more information with the help of a brochure. You can also ask them for design advise if that’s what you are looking for.

Choose From 45 Designs

They offer more than 45 kitchen designs. Basically, they offer main seven ranges with a wide variety of finishes and colors. They also supply taps, sinks, Lamona kitchen appliances as all these are exclusive to Howden Kitchens.

Planning/Design Service


First, let’s take a look at their planning/design service as it will tell more about the brand. They offer free design services at home, which you will have to organize through an installer of your choice. You need to call the designer once you have organized it properly. A designer will come and take the measurements. And he will also advise on what will suit your needs. The next step involves a visit to the Howden kitchens joiner. You need to take the installer with you as they will be introducing the various plans to the installer. They don’t have designer software to assist you. However, you will be able to see the videos and images of the designs you are interested in. Spending an hour at the store will be very useful in finalizing your choice. They have very supportive and friendly staff. They have local depots across the country and all their outlets are highly rated. And you will know why they are highly rated once you visit them.


As far as the installation of Howden kitchens is concerned, they won’t recommend installers as mentioned earlier. It is your duty to find the installer on your own. However, if you ask for guidance, they will be more than happy to help you.

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