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Pick the apt kitchen paint colors for rustic kitchens

So you have finally managed to settle into the country home that you always dreamed about. Everything is ready in the new home and you are all set to move in. Now finding the apt kitchen paint colors are your only color as they can make your kitchen truly rustic like magic. Rustic can stand for several things, including relaxed and informal. Or in other words, you can freely experiment with the down-to-earth colors that you always loved. Bringing an earthy feel is a challenge and the right paint can do wonders.

The Setting Is Very Important!

Where you set your home is really important. You should effortlessly integrate your home with its surroundings. When it comes to a country home, the setting truly matters. Imagine the colors which are reminiscent of nature. So for inspiration, I would suggest you to look into the nature. You will get plenty of inspiration for kitchen paint colors from the nature.

For The House Near The Forest!

If you live nearby a forest, you will know that all those greens predominate during summer and spring. Nature plays with different colors during different seasons. During fall, you will see plenty of golds, oranges and reds around. The winter will bring you all shades of gray including silvers and deep charcoals. So when it comes to picking kitchen paint colors, I would suggest you to stick to coral for doors and dark forest green for cabinets. Making the background darker will be very helpful as it will help create the illusion of spaciousness and airiness. Use silver hardware for cabinets.

For The House Near The Sea!

If your house is nearby sea, then you will have endless inspiration. I would suggest you to use indigo and cerulean as kitchen paint colors. These colors will perfectly mimic the waves and the sky. You should consider the climate as well. For those who are living in North, cool blues and pale colors would be perfect. If you are living in a tropical location, I would suggest you to use deeper blues and lavenders. To make your kitchen look like an extension of the sea, I would suggest you to use a shade of blue that reminds you of the water nearby.


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